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Did you slip while walking through your local Wawa? Were you severely injured from a fall at a Cape Coral Wawa? When you suffer severe injuries while visiting a Wawa convenience store and gas station, you should speak with a best Cape Coral accident lawyer as soon as possible.

When people get hurt at Wawa or any other gas station or convenience store, they often wonder what to do. Seeking medical care may be the obvious first step. But you may soon wonder who pays for your medical treatment when you were seriously hurt at a Wawa. How can you pay for your household expenses if you cannot return to work until you have recovered? Since 1963, the Cape Coral slip and fall accident lawyers at Wolfson & Leon have helped people seriously injured in slips and falls and other accidents recover compensation for their damage.

Hurt in a Cape Coral Slip and Fall Accident at a Wawa?

Wawa is a popular stop for people traveling throughout Florida. Wawa is famous for its keen attention to customer service, spotless bathrooms, and expansive selection of fresh food.

The first Wawa Food Market opened in Pennsylvania in 1964. Over the years, Wawa opened hundreds of stores, began selling fresh-brewed coffee, and expanded its menu of fresh-baked goods. Wawa opened its 500th store in 1992 and its first fuel store in 1996. By 2012, Wawa opened its first Florida store in Orlando. Today, Wawa has over 250 locations throughout Florida.

Whether you are looking to fill up your tank, buy lottery tickets, or pick up a built-to-order breakfast burrito on the way to work, you can find two Wawa locations in Cape Coral at 2603 Santa Barbara Blvd and 761 Del Prado Blvd North.

Wawa stands out from other convenience stores' expansive menu of freshly made meals, baked goods, and specialty beverages. Wawa convenience stores are large, with most locations carrying an array of Wawa merchandise such as clothing, mugs, beach towels, and tote bags. Wawa sports several fuel and electric charging stations.

Despite its friendly atmosphere, a trip to your local Wawa could become dangerous if you slip and fall. Frequent causes of Wawa slip and fall accidents include:

  • Spilled drinks
  • Leaking refrigerators or freezers
  • Overflowing soda machines or coffee pots
  • Loose floor mats
  • Mopped or waxed floors without proper hazard signage
  • Wet entrances
  • Overflowing or leaking faucets or toilets in bathrooms
  • Leaking gas, oil, and other liquids around the pumps
  • Sidewalks with wet leaves or debris

It's a good idea to discuss possible legal options with a Cape Coral accident attorney at Wolfson & Leon if you were gravely injured in a Wawa slip and fall accident.

Can I Be Compensated for My Injuries in a Cape Coral Wawa Accident?

A slip and fall accident often wounds nothing more than your pride. You may have a bruise or cut, but otherwise you feel fine. However, there are times when a Wawa slip and fall accident can cause extensive bodily injury. The damage caused by a severe slip and fall accident may take days, even weeks, to recover from.

Common injuries in a Wawa slip and fall include:

  • Brain injuries
  • Skull fractures
  • Broken bones
  • Cuts and lacerations
  • Neck and back injuries
  • Torn tissues
  • Sprained wrists or ankles

You might be eligible for compensation if you suffered severe injuries while shopping at a Wawa. To learn more about your rights when you have been seriously injured, you should speak with a Cape Coral Wawa slip and fall accident lawyer.

Should I Call a Wawa Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer?

We don’t plan to get hurt while running errands, but it can happen more often than expected. A severe blow to the head, a fractured bone, or damage to your neck or back can disrupt your life. You may be in immense pain from your injuries. You may need extensive medical care and time to recover. Your finances can be severely strained when the damage prevents you from returning to work.

The Law Offices of Wolfson & Leon are dedicated to helping injured victims recover damages when hurt by someone else’s negligence. Our Cape Coral personal injury lawyers work tirelessly to get their clients the compensation they need for their medical care and lost income.

We encourage you to call Wolfson & Leon today for a free, no-obligation review of your claim if you were severely hurt shopping at your local Wawa. We review the legal merits of your case and talk through legal options that might be available. Whether you have questions about compensation or want to know if you have a case, you can speak with a best Cape Coral slip and fall accident lawyer when you call 239-471-0714 today.

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