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Cape Coral Large Truck Accident Lawyer

We see large trucks on the roads every day in Florida. The never-ending construction and road work requires dump trucks and concrete mixer trucks. The large tractor-trailers you see on the road tow forklifts, loaders, and bulldozers. Retailers and grocery stores often rely on 18-wheelers and other delivery trucks for food, supplies, and clothing.

Large trucks can put drivers of cars and other motor vehicles in harm's way. The speed and size of a large truck can make it difficult to stop short or navigate down city streets. The inability to stop is magnified when a large truck carries a heavy load.

Accidents involving large trucks may result in catastrophic injuries. If your family has been affected by injuries sustained in a large truck accident, you should seek legal advice as soon as possible. Large truck accidents pose unique complexities that a skilled Cape Coral large truck accident lawyer can help you with. You can find out more when you speak with the Cape Coral personal injury lawyers at Wolfson & Leon. We provide a confidential, no-cost case consultation whereby you can ask questions and learn what legal rights you may have when your life has been affected by a large truck accident. Call Wolfson & Leon today at (239) 471-0714.

Who Is Responsible for a Cape Coral Large Truck Accident?

Large trucks are typically on the road to do a job. These large vehicles may be delivering cars to a dealership, transporting heavy equipment to a job site, or shipping goods to a local grocery store. Large trucks provide much-needed services, so accidents involving a large truck are rarely simple. Careful consideration is needed to evaluate the legal merit of a large truck accident case.

For example, there may be multiple parties who share responsibility for the accident, including the driver, the company doing the work, and the truck owner. While it may seem as if the driver would be ultimately responsible, a Cape Coral accident attorney considers other factors, including the frequency of truck maintenance and training the driver received to run the truck and secure the load. A Cape Coral personal injury lawyer may also consider other causes of a large truck accident, such as lack of repairs or defective parts.

People hurt in large truck accidents must demonstrate that the truck driver was negligent when operating their vehicle. To prove negligence in a large truck accident, you must show that the driver violated the duty of care owed to you. A truck driver who does not stop at a red light or speed down the highway may be considered negligent. Beyond negligence, accident victims must also prove that they sustained physical and financial injuries as a result.

Why Should I Call a Cape Coral Large Truck Accident Lawyer?

Large trucking companies have a lot to lose when an accident occurs. While the trucking company or insurance agency may push out a quick settlement, this arrangement is rarely in your favor. They are settling fast to reduce the insurance company's payout. Yet, in other cases, the trucking company or their insurance agent may send out their own investigators to build their case and discredit yours. This may be a tactic the trucking company employs to intimidate accident victims or push them to believe they don't have a claim.

If you were gravely injured in a large truck accident, you need an attorney who knows Florida personal injury law on your side. A Cape Coral accident attorney can thoroughly investigate your claim and determine if you have a case. Turning to a Cape Coral large truck accident attorney can help you build a defensible case when you've been injured. The personal injury lawyers at Wolfson & Leon reach out to experts when your case needs it. At Wolfson & Leon, our Cape Coral accident lawyers handle the phone calls with insurance agents and lawyers, file the proper paperwork, and negotiate a settlement in your best interest.

Cape Coral Large Truck Accident Law Firm

The Cape Coral accident attorneys at Wolfson & Leon dedicate their practice to serving the best interests of their clients. Our personal injury lawyers assess the financial impact of your accident to help you win a proper settlement for your injuries. We consider how extensive the damage is, as well as the potential economic impact on your household. If you cannot work during your recovery or need future care and rehabilitation, our Cape Coral accident lawyer considers these factors.

We believe people hurt in accidents have the right to legal representation. At Wolfson & Leon, we provide a free and confidential case consultation. If you were involved in a large truck accident and aren't sure what to do next, you should call a Cape Coral accident lawyer. We take time to learn about your accident, answer the questions you may have, and discuss available legal options.

Should you have a large truck accident case that you would like to pursue, our Cape Coral personal injury lawyers stay with you at every step of the process. At Wolfson & Leon, our personal injury lawyers can guide you through the process of filing a lawsuit and keep you apprised of its status. Whether negotiating a settlement or defending your rights in court, we fight to get the justice our clients deserve when they are hurt.

Our Cape Coral accident lawyers work for you on a contingent-fee basis. As our client, you will not pay for our legal services until we settle your case. If you have a claim or are concerned that you can't afford to get legal help, you should speak with Wolfson & Leon today. Our dedicated personal injury team serves residents of Cape Coral and the surrounding communities of Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, North Port, Englewood, Rotonda, Osprey, and Sarasota. Call Wolfson & Leon today at (239) 471-0714.

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