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The Cape Coral personal injury attorneys at Wolfson & Leon are dedicated to helping customers badly hurt in grocery store slips and falls get compensation for their injuries. If you were seriously hurt in a Cape Coral ALDI slip and fall, we invite you to contact us today for a free and confidential legal consultation of your claim. Learn more about your rights when you have been hurt at a Cape Coral ALDI by calling Wolfson & Leon today at 239-471-0714.

Did you slip at your local ALDI store? Were you severely injured in a fall at a Cape Coral ALDI? If you were badly hurt while shopping at your local ALDI, you should speak with a best Cape Coral slip and fall accident attorney as soon as you can.

Grocery store slip and fall accidents cause severe damage. Head trauma, broken bones, and torn ligaments are serious injuries that require medical care and possibly weeks or months of recovery. Since slip and fall accident victims may be unable to work until they have recovered, their families may face additional financial burdens if they cannot pay their bills.

ALDI Slip and Fall Accidents in Cape Coral

ALDI is a popular grocery for shoppers looking for quality food and low prices. To keep prices low, ALDI stores are smaller and have fewer employees than traditional grocery stores. By the end of 2022, ALDI was projected to be the third-largest grocery store retailer by store count in the United States.

ALDI has 4 locations in Cape Coral.

  • 1843 NE Pine Island Road
  • 2301 Del Prado Blvd S
  • 1481 SW Pine Island Road
  • 2615 Santa Barbara Blvd

Slips and falls can easily happen in grocery stores and supermarkets. Customers routinely shop at ALDI and other grocery stores for milk, juice, water, and liquid-based cleaning products. When containers that hold liquid leak or break, walking on the floors may be hazardous if spills aren’t cleaned up promptly.

Other causes of ALDI slip and fall accidents include:

  • Malfunctioning equipment: Refrigerators or freezers that aren’t working correctly may leak water onto the floor.
  • Slippery produce: Grocery stores, like ALDI, have an extensive produce section with fresh fruit and vegetables. Produce that falls onto the floor may leave a slick residue if it’s stepped on or not cleaned up properly by staff.
  • Debris: Customers may slip on packing material, receipts, or other debris that has fallen onto the floor.
  • Leaks in bathrooms: Sinks or toilets that leak or overflow can leave bathroom floors slippery.
  • Tracked-in water: When it is raining or wet outside, customers may track in water on their shoes, umbrellas, or jackets.

A Cape Coral ALDI, slip and fall accident does not necessarily have to happen inside the store. Sometimes, customers slip when outdoor sidewalks are covered with wet leaves or debris. Parking lot paint may be slippery if it rains outside.

Badly Hurt in an ALDI Slip and Fall Accident in Cape Coral?

Some ALDI slip and fall accidents leave customers with minor injuries, such as bruises or scrapes. After getting checked out by a medical professional to ensure no severe injuries exist, the customer can return to their everyday life.

Yet the situation can be vastly different when a customer suffers severe injury in an ALDI slip and fall accident. People can slip and fall in mere seconds. Sometimes, people break bones, pull muscles, or tear soft tissues if they try to catch themselves when falling. Customers could break or sprain their wrists when sticking out their hands to try to catch themselves from falling. Or they may break a leg, arm, or hip as they land on the floor, hit a counter, or display as they fall.

Customers who hit their head on the floor, shelf, or counter when falling may suffer a traumatic brain injury. Some injuries are minor concussions. However, others are more acute injuries, such as a brain bleed, skull fracture, or torn tissues.

When people lose control of their bodies as they slip, they may still be hurt even if they don’t fall. The jerking motion a person goes through could gravely injure their neck or back, even if they do not hit the floor.

If you were seriously hurt in a Cape Coral ALDI store, consider seeking help from a best Cape Coral grocery store accident lawyer. You may be able to recover compensation for your injuries if the damage was caused by store negligence.

Why Call a Cape Coral ALDI Slip and Fall Accident Law Firm?

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