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Did you slip on a wet floor while visiting your local Cape Coral convenience store? Were you badly hurt when you fell while shopping at your local ALDI? Are you struggling to get medical help because you were injured in an ALDI slip and fall? Are you unable to pay your household expenses because your ALDI slip and fall injuries keep you from going to work?

It's a good idea to contact a Cape Coral slip and fall attorney focused on personal injury law if you suffered severe injuries in an ALDI slip and fall. You could be compensated for your injuries in a grocery store slip and fall accident.

Badly Hurt in a Cape Coral Convenience Store?

Convenience stores have transformed over time. Once offered as a quick place to pick up coffee or buy milk, many convenience stores today feature fresh food, made-to-order meals, and household products. You can find convenience stores on busy streets and in residential communities.

Cape Coral has many convenience stores throughout the city, including Wawa, 7-Eleven, Circle K, and Speedway.

Slips and falls are among the most common Cape Coral convenience store accidents. Floors that are wet from spilled drinks, broken bottles, or malfunctioning equipment can leave walking surfaces slick. Shoppers may slip if they step on floor mats without the proper adhesive to secure them. Floors around the store's entrance could become wet from rainwater splashing in, or customers who track water from the outside can cause walking surfaces to be slippery.

When store managers and employees don’t properly clean up messes and keep floors safe, shoppers can be seriously hurt.

Other ways people get hurt while shopping at a convenience store include:

  • Slips and falls on slippery or wet floors or surfaces
  • Being struck by a falling sign, merchandise, or another overhead object
  • Shopping cart accidents
  • Parking lot trips and falls
  • Injured by a top-heavy or loose display
  • Hit by a vehicle driving through the parking lot or backing out of a parking space
Can I Recover Damages in a Cape Coral Convenience Store Accident?

Under Florida's premise liability rules, convenience stores must ensure the safety of their visitors by maintaining their property. When they fail to take steps to keep their property safe, people can be severely injured.

Even though you may have been hurt in a convenience store slip and fall or any other accident, your injuries are not enough to recover damages. Instead, you must prove:

  • The convenience store owner owed you a level of care.
  • The owner breached this standard of care.
  • You were injured because of this breach.

If the convenience store's negligence led to your slip and fall accident, where you were seriously hurt, you might be compensated for the damages you have suffered. Compensation may include:

  • Cost of current and future medical care
  • Lost income
  • Pain and suffering

Slips and falls and other premise liability claims can be complicated. To protect your rights, it’s advisable to speak with a best convenience store slip and fall accident lawyer as soon as you can. A Cape Coral slip and fall injury attorney can review the legal basis of your claim and talk to you about possible legal options. Should you have a case, your Cape Coral slip and fall accident attorney helps you build a defensible claim and works to negotiate the best settlement possible with the store’s insurance company or lawyers.

Why Call a Convenience Store Accident Law Firm in Cape Coral?

Sometimes, accident victims pursue damages on their own when they have been hurt while shopping at a convenience store. But if customers are unaware of their legal rights when injured, they may receive far less than what they could recover. If your accident happened at a convenience store like 7-Eleven or Wawa, you might be dealing with lawyers tasked with keeping the store's payout as low as possible. As a result, you may be offered a quick settlement that is less than you need for your recovery.

Settling fast may sound optimal, especially when you are recovering from serious injuries. But if your medical bills are higher than expected or your recovery takes longer than planned, you may need more money to pay for your care. So, it is essential to understand your legal rights when badly injured at ALDI because once you accept a settlement, you cannot ask for more.

The Cape Coral personal injury attorneys at Wolfson & Leon are your advocate when you are seriously hurt in an ALDI slip and fall accident. Our team is dedicated to getting the best settlement possible for their clients when they have been severely injured.

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