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With year-round warm weather, golf carts are a favorite method of transportation around Southwest Florida. Open sides make it easy to get in and out. You aren't required to carry insurance, and you don't need a driver's license. In Florida, you can take a golf cart on designated public roads when you are at least 14 years.

The lack of rules governing the use of golf carts can put pedestrians, bicyclists, and other riders in harm's way. Young drivers may cause accidents if they aren't experienced enough to operate a golf cart safely. And if you are involved in a golf cart accident, there may be no insurance policy for you to fall back on.

When a golf cart severely injures a family member, it is critical to know your legal rights. If you are curious whether you have a claim or what compensation could be available to pay for your medical care, you should speak with a best Cape Coral golf cart accident law firm as soon as possible.

Dangers of Golf Carts

Unlike cars, you won't find many safety features in golf carts. While the openness of the cart is part of the golf cart's appeal, riders have no protection if they are hit by a vehicle or if the cart rolls. A rider's body may absorb the direct impact of a crash with a car.

Seat belts are another safety feature missing from most carts. Without seat belts, riders could fall out if the cart travels at a high speed, hits a bump, or goes around corners too fast. Without seat belts, riders could slide out around sharp turns or if the cart stops too quickly.

Golf carts are prone to roll. Since their tires have little traction on wet pavement, the cart can slide and tip over. A golf cart may also flip if the driver makes a turn too fast or quickly changes direction.

Golf Carts Accidents and Head Injuries

Since golf carts lack the protective gear you find in motor vehicles, the damage from an accident can be devastating. A golf cart rider who falls out could be badly hurt if they hit their head. A mild concussion may require nothing more than a few days' rest to recover from. But the damage could be worse if your injuries result in a blood clot, contusion, and bleeding around the brain. These traumatic brain injuries can have long-term and potentially life-altering consequences. These injuries can impact a person's mobility, motor skills, and cognitive thinking. Traumatic brain injuries may require weeks, months, or even years of treatment and physical rehabilitation for a victim. Severe brain injuries may require ongoing or home care. Treatment of these types of damages is expensive, and victims often experience a loss of wages if they cannot work.

Cape Coral Law Firm for Golf Cart Accidents

Golf car accidents can leave devastating wounds. If it falls on them, riders who fall out of a golf cart can hit their head, break bones, or be crushed by the cart's weight. Since there is no protection around the occupants in a golf cart, you can be severely injured if you are hit by a moving car or another cart.

At Wolfson & Leon, our Cape Coral personal injury lawyers defend the rights of people severely hurt in golf cart accidents. We serve clients in Cape Coral and nearby communities, such as Tampa, Fort Myers, Sarasota, and Bradenton. If you are suffering from severe injuries caused by a golf cart accident, we encourage you to contact us for your free and confidential case consultation by calling 239-471-0714 today.

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