Sarasota Walmart Accidents

Were you badly hurt at a Sarasota Walmart? Did you slipped and fallen on a wet floor or stumbled on the debris left in an aisle? Were you injured walking through the parking lot? You should reach out to a best Sarasota personal injury lawyer for help. When severely injured, you may need extensive medical treatment. It could be weeks, even months, before you have recovered enough to return to work. Not only are you dealing with the pain of your injuries, but you may also be unable to pay your household bills.

Since 1963, the Wolfson Law Firm has defended the rights of people injured in accidents at Walmart and other large stores. Our team of Sarasota personal injury lawyers takes care of handling your claim lawsuit and works tirelessly to get the best settlement. When you've been injured and aren't sure what you should do, call the Wolfson Law Firm today for a free case consultation. Share the circumstances around your accident, ask questions, and find out what legal remedies could be available to you. Take care of the family's financial interests by calling the Wolfson Law Firm today at (239) 471-0714.

Sarasota Walmart Stores

With its low prices and an impressive array of products, Walmart is a popular place to shop. Shoppers flock to Walmart to buy groceries, clothes, household items, garden supplies, and auto parts in one convenient location.

Sarasota has five Walmart stores throughout the city.

  • 3500 N. Tamiami Trail
  • 3560 Bee Ridge Road
  • 8320 Lockwood Ridge Road
  • 4381 Cattleman Road
  • 5401 Palmer Crossing Circle
What You Should Do in A Walmart Accident

Although Walmart stores appeal to many for their convenience, they can pose risks to shoppers. Merchandise that is stacked high on shelves can fall and injure customers below. Floors can become slick from broken bottles that have liquid or refrigerators that leak water. Dropped produce that isn’t cleaned up promptly can create a slippery residue on the floor if it gets stepped on.

When you've been hurt in a Sarasota Walmart or any other store, be sure that you get medical treatment at once if your injuries are severe. Even if you feel ok after the accident, make it a point to get checked out anyway. You may not feel the impact of the injuries for a few hours, even days, later. But if you are hurt and don't get checked out, you risk making your injury worse.

Other key steps to take when you’ve been injured in an accident at Walmart include;

  • Report your accident
  • Documentation when and where the accident happened
  • Contact a personal injury attorney

Large stores like Walmart often have legal teams dedicated to dealing with accidents. They may offer a quick settlement. That may seem like a great idea when you are trying to deal with medical bills and can't work. But these fast settlements are usually designed to keep their costs low. They aren't in your best interest. If your injuries are more extensive than what you think, you may need continuing care or added treatment. Even the recovery time could take longer than what you expect.

A Sarasota personal injury lawyer can help protect your rights and work out a settlement that is in your best interest. You may be compensated for future medical care and rehabilitation. And if your ability to earn a living has been severely limited due to your injuries, you could be compensated for this as well.

Sarasota Slip and Fall Accident Law Firm

It’s not often when a person gets hurt in an accident. But when it does happen, they may not know what to do or what legal rights they have. The Wolfson Law Firm stands for the interests of people injured in such accidents as slips and falls, car crashes, prescription errors, and other accidents.

Learn more about your legal rights when you've been hurt by calling the Wolfson Law Firm for your no-cost, no-obligation analysis of your case today at (239) 471-0714.

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