Port Charlotte Walmart Slip and Fall Accidents

A slip and fall may not seem like a big deal when it happens. You may feel fine and continue with your day. But as the hours' pass, you might start feeling some pain in your neck or back. The throbbing headache you have makes you realize that you'd hit your when you fell. What you thought was a minor accident might end up being far more severe.

If you were severely hurt in a Walmart slip and fall accident, you should consider speaking with the best Port Charlotte slip and fall accident lawyer. When your injuries are serious, you may need medical treatment and rest. Your injuries could be severe enough where you can't work during your recovery.

When you've been hurt and don't know what to do, call the Wolfson Law Firm for help. Our Port Charlotte Walmart slip and fall lawyer takes the time to listen to your side and tell you what legal options you may have. You can find out what your rights are when you've been hurt in a Port Charlotte Walmart by calling the Wolfson Law Firm today at (239) 471-0714.

Walmart Slip and Fall Accidents

Home to over 67,000 residents, Port Charlotte is a quiet beach community located on the Gulf Coast. Residents and tourists can relax along the beach or spend time strolling around Ollie's Pond Park and Bayshore Live Oak Park. There are plenty of restaurants, shopping malls, and coffee shops scattered throughout the city.

Thousands of people visit Walmart stores every day to take advantage of their immense product selection and low prices. Shoppers can buy food, home goods, clothing, and even automotive parts in one convenient location. You can find these popular warehouse-style stores in Port Charlotte at:

  • Walmart Supercenter – 375 Kings Hwy
  • Walmart Neighborhood Market – 2150 Tamiami Trail
  • Walmart Supercenter – 19100 Murdock Circle

Even nearby cities, such as Punta Gorda and Englewood, have a Walmart store.

With all the convenience that Walmart offers, their sheer size and daily traffic can pose slip and fall dangers to shoppers. Common causes that lead to slip and fall accidents in Walmart include;

  • Spilled beverages or broken bottles that leak liquid onto the floor.
  • Newly waxed or mopped floors without warning signs alerting customers that they are slippery
  • Leaking or broken freezers or refrigerators that drip water onto the floor
  • Film from produce that has been stepped on.
  • Sinks or toilets that overflow, leaving water on the restroom floor
  • Water tracked into the entryways

When a person loses their balance or footing, they can be seriously hurt. These painful injuries can happen if you hit your head on the floor or shelf as you fall. The jolt from a fall can hurt a person's neck or back. People often try to catch themselves and end up with sprains, torn ligaments, and even broken bones.

Personal Injury Law Firm for Walmart Slip and Fall Accidents in Port Charlotte

Walmart and other large retailers want to keep their costs down. Big companies hire teams of attorneys to protect them from losses. If you were hurt in a Walmart store, they might try to settle your claim quickly. When you've been hurt, a quick settlement may sound nice. But if your health bills are more than you expect or you need additional recovery time, you may find that you have run out of money before you finish your treatment.

The Port Charlotte personal injury attorneys at the Wolfson Law Firm help accident victims recover monetary damages to pay for the medical bills and related costs. They regularly work with insurance companies and lawyers when negotiating settlements for their clients. If you have a claim, our personal injury lawyers can help you estimate what you need to cover your treatment and get back on the road to recovery. Find out how the Wolfson Law Firm can help by calling (239) 471-0714 for your free consultation.

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