Port Charlotte Restaurant and Bar Accidents

People enjoy dining out. Whether it is a visit to your local family eatery or a night out at an upscale restaurant, enjoying a meal with others is a great way to connect and relax. But visiting a restaurant or bar is not without risk. If you get sick or hurt due to careless practices in a restaurant or bar, you have a right to expect compensation.

But getting a fair settlement often depends on building a solid personal injury claim. To protect your interests, you should talk to a Port Charlotte restaurant accident lawyer to find out your legal options. A personal injury lawyer will review your claim, answer your questions, and represent your interests if you choose to pursue a lawsuit. Call the Port Charlotte personal injury attorneys at the Wolfson Law Firm today at (239) 471-0714 to find out what your rights are.

Common Restaurant and Bar Accidents in Port Charlotte

Whether you are stopping in for lunch at your nearest McDonalds or treating the family to a sit-down dinner, restaurants and bars are popular places. There are more than a million restaurants and bars scattered across the country. With so many delectable options, it is easy to find an eatery to satisfy your desire for Italian, Mexican, or American cuisine.

Yet, visiting a restaurant or bar is not without its dangers. Some of the most common accidents at restaurants or bars include.

  • Restaurants or bars that place chairs and tables too close to each other or stick out in the aisles can pose a tripping risk as people walk by.
  • Floors can become slick from spilled beverages, dropped food, and leaky soda or ice cream machines.
  • Hot beverages or plates can cause painful burns if they touch a person’s skin.
  • Poorly lit stairs, broken handrails, or walkways that do not have the appropriate grip may cause people to trip or slip and fall.
  • Foodborne illnesses could result from improper food handling practices, such as undercooked meat, contamination, or poor hygiene.
  • Foreign items, such as glass or plastic that fall into a prepared meal can cause tooth damage or choking.

People can even get hurt in the parking lot of a restaurant or bar. Cracked sidewalks, uneven walkways, and potholes pose a slip or trip and fall risk. Overgrown trees or thick bushes that block a driver's view may put pedestrians in danger of getting hit by a car when walking through the lot.

The owner of a restaurant or bar may be negligent if they do not keep their establishment safe for visitors. A personal injury lawyer helps you determine whether the owner was careless with their responsibilities. If you were seriously injured in an accident at a restaurant or bar in Port Charlotte, it might be possible for you to file a lawsuit to recover the damages to pay for your medical bills, physical rehabilitation, transportation to your doctor's office, and ongoing care. A Port Charlotte restaurant injury lawyer can answer your questions and help you pursue a claim for damages for your injuries. For more information, call the Wolfson Law Firm today at at (239) 471-0714.

Port Charlotte Restaurant Injury Accident Law Firm

While accidents are bound to occur, a company may try to avoid any liability for your injuries. Or their insurance company may offer a lower settlement than you deserve to limit their loss. To protect your rights, you should speak with a Port Charlotte personal injury attorney.

For over 55 years, the Port Charlotte personal injury attorneys at the Wolfson Law Firm have advocated people injured in car crashes, slip and falls, medication errors, and other accidents that were not their fault. If you were injured in Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Englewood, Grove City, Fort Myers, or any of their surrounding communities, you can speak with a personal injury lawyer today. Contact the Wolfson Law Firm today for your free case consultation by calling at (239) 471-0714 today.

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