North Port Walmart Injury Accidents

Walmart is a popular warehouse store known for its low prices and wide product selection. With thousands of locations throughout the country, shoppers can buy groceries, clothes, household goods, and automotive parts in one place. These massive stores feature wide aisles with products stacked high above shoppers' heads.

As convenient as Walmart stores can be, shoppers should be wary as they browse the aisles. People can be hurt by falling merchandise and displays or slip and fall as they shop. Injuries sustained in accidents like these can be severe and potentially change the quality of your life. You may need extensive medical treatment and future care. Severe injuries may impact your ability to earn a living now and in the future.

If you were gravely injured when visiting your local Walmart, you need to speak with the best North Port Walmart accident lawyer as recommended to you. Speaking with a legal team focusing on personal injury cases can help you determine what legal rights you must collect damages. If you have been hurt and want to know what your next step should be, contact a North Port personal injury attorney at the Wolfson Law Firm. You can find out what rights you may have when injured by calling us today at (239) 471-0714.

North Port Walmart Store Accident

Over the years, North Port has become a popular spot for retirees and families alike. The city has plenty of residential neighborhoods, parks, and schools. Residents can find grocery stores, shopping centers, and restaurants close by.

North Port has two Walmart stores in town:

  • 17000 Tamiami Trail
  • 1100 S Main Street
Common Shopping Hazards

No one thinks they will be unsafe as they shop; however accidents are more common than you may think. Common accidents that may lead to injury in a North Port Walmart store include;

  • Wet floors – When walkways and aisles are slick from water or liquids, customers may slip and fall. Broken or leaking bottles of juice, milk, or household cleaner can make floors slick if not cleaned up quickly. Water may leak onto the floor if freezers or refrigerators malfunction. If floors have just been mopped or waxed, customers may slip and fall, especially if no warning sign is visible.
  • Slick entryways – If it is raining outside, water may splash inside the entrance making it slippery as people walk in. While the store may use mats to keep the floors dry, they can pose a slip and fall hazard if they don't stay secure as people walk on them.
  • Debris – People may trip and fall over boxes or slip if you step on packing materials lying on the floor if not cleaned up after restocking shelves. Paper, tags, and hangers that fall onto the floor can pose a slipping hazard.
  • Obstacles in walkways – Display cases or shelves that stick out in the aisles can lead to cuts or scrapes if a customer accidentally runs into them. Carts that are packed with too much merchandise may become unstable and tip over.
  • Falling objects – Walmart stores typically display merchandise high on their walls. A display or shelf with too much weight or isn't secure could tip over and hit people below. Customers who reach for goods over their heads could accidentally knock down other products or displays. Overhead or hanging displays may fall if not appropriately secured. Customers that are shopping below can be hit in the head or face if falls occur. If the objects are heavy or sharp, this can cause significant injury.
  • Parking lot – People may be injured as to walk through the parking lot. They could be hit by a car pulling in or out of a parking spot or driving through the aisles. If the parking lot isn't adequately maintained, shoppers could trip and fall over broken pavement or holes in the road. Even the paint used to designate parking spots can pose a danger if it becomes slick when it rains.

People who get hurt at their local Walmart may walk away with minor injuries, such as bruises or cuts. But shoppers who endure severe injuries could have broken bones, torn ligaments, back or neck damage, or head trauma resulting from the accident.

North Port Walmart Accident Law Firm

As an accident victim, you could be stuck with high medical bills and lost wages if you cannot work. Talking to a North Port personal injury law firm is helpful to know what legal options may be available to you.

The Wolfson Law Firm has defended the accident victims and their rights since 1963. We help our clients to understand what rights they may have to pursue damages for their injuries. We will review your accident claim for free and let you know what legal options could be available. And should you decide to move forward with a lawsuit to recover your losses, our North Port personal injury lawyers help build your case and fight for your interests when negotiating a settlement with insurance companies and lawyers. Call the Wolfson Law Firm to discuss your case for free at (239) 471-0714.

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