North Port Home Depot Accidents

Home Depot is one of the nation's largest home improvement stores. Thousands of customers flock to these warehouse-style stores searching for supplies for do-it-yourself home projects, lawn care and gardening, and cleaning.

Yet, these massive home improvement stores can pose unique dangers to customers as they browse the aisles. People who slip and fall or are hit by falling merchandise can experience severe, even life-altering injuries. When you have been severely injured at a Home Depot store, you should seek the help of the best North Port personal injury lawyer you can locate.

For almost 60 years, the Wolfson Law Firm has dedicated its practice to serving people hurt in accidents. Our personal injury attorneys work tirelessly to reach the best settlement possible for their clients. Protect your interests by finding out what legal rights you have when you have been hurt. Call the North Port Home Depot attorneys at the Wolfson Law Firm today at (239) 471-0714 for your free and confidential consultation.

Injured in a North Port Home Depot Store?

North Port is a growing residential community with a "small-town feel." The city is known for its quiet neighborhoods, good schools, and parks. Compared to other cities, North Port has a high homeownership percentage. Residents can find plenty of grocery stores, retail outlets, and attractions conveniently found close by.

Residents who enjoy do-it-yourself and weekend projects can visit their local Home Depot store, found at 18000 Tamiami Trail. Inside there are aisles packed with plenty of building, painting, and cleaning supplies. If you plan to build an outdoor deck or make some minor improvements around your home, Home Depot has an array of lumber and wood products.

Home Depot is a good place to find what you need to take care of your home. But this warehouse store can pose safety risks to shoppers.

Common accidents in a Home Depot store include;

  • Falling merchandise: Home Depot stores display their products on shelves so high that shoppers may need a ladder to get them down. Merchandise that is placed loosely on high shelves can fall and hit unsuspecting shoppers below.
  • Slick floors: Sawdust from lumber can accumulate on the floor. Not only is sawdust hard to see, but it can also create a slippery surface that causes people to slip and fall.
  • Restocking: If an aisle isn't blocked off when an employee restocks products on high shelves, merchandise can fall and hit customers.
  • Wet walkways: Customers can slip and fall when aisles are wet from spilled cleaner, paint, or drinks. Rain and water that are tracked in can make the entrance slippery.

When you have been badly hurt, you need to seek medical help at once. People hit by falling merchandise or those who slip and fall experience serious injuries if they hit their head or damage their back or neck. In some cases, Home Depot accident victims may have broken bones or torn ligaments.

North Port Home Depot Accident Law Firm

Since 1963, the Wolfson Law Firm has defended the rights of people hurt in accidents at Home Depot and other large retailers. Our personal injury lawyers work relentlessly to help people injured in accidents recover the monetary damages they need to pay for medical care, future treatment, and replace lost income.

You may be thinking that you cannot afford to get a lawyer to fight a large retail store like Home Depot. Big companies like that have teams of lawyers whose job is to keep costs down for Home Depot. While it might just seem easier to settle on your own, accident victims may be entitled to damages, such as pain and suffering and loss of future income, that you may not be aware of. To protect what's best for you and your family, it is a good idea to speak with a North Port personal injury lawyer at the Wolfson Law Firm. Not only is your first call to us free, but we also work on a contingent fee basis while representing your interests. If you have a case against Home Depot that you want to pursue, you won't pay fees for our legal service unless we settle your claim.

You can speak with a North Port personal injury attorney at the Wolfson Law Firm today by calling (239) 471-0714.

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