Bradenton Winn-Dixie Slip and Fall Accidents

Did you slip while grocery shopping in Bradenton? Were you badly hurt when you fell at a Winn-Dixie? People injured in a Winn-Dixie accident should contact a best Bradenton slip and fall accident lawyer. 

Our Bradenton personal injury attorneys at the Wolfson Law Firm help people injured in slips and falls, car crashes, and other accidents. Our Bradenton slip and fall attorneys help people recover money to pay for their much-needed medical care. We take on insurance companies and work tirelessly to get the best settlement for you.

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Winn-Dixie Slip and Fall Accident Attorney in Bradenton

Winn-Dixie is a popular grocery store in Bradenton. Shoppers are treated to aisles of fresh food and packaged goods. Many locations feature a deli, bakery, liquor store, and a pharmacy.

Winn-Dixie has several locations in the greater Bradenton area.

  • 2501 Cortez Road W.
  • 5805 Manatee Avenue, W.
  • 5201 33rd Street E.
  • 5802 14th Street W.
  • 2881 Casa Avenue
  • 1010 53rd Avenue E.
  • 3500 53rd Avenue W.
  • 7400 Cortez Road W.
  • 4502 E. State Road 64

Grocery stores can be a prime spot for a slip and fall accident to happen. With so many liquids sold, such as milk, juice, and cleaning products, floors can become slippery if the bottle leak or break onto the floor. Produce aisles may also become slippery when dropped fruits or vegetables are stepped on, creating a thin film on the floor.

However, there are other ways that the walking surfaces inside grocery stores can become slick for customers such as:

  • Debris: Dropped receipts, paper used in packaging, or other debris that falls onto the floor can make the surface slippery if not picked up.
  • Different walking surfaces: A store that varies its walking surfaces can pose a slipping risk for customers. The transition from carpet or hardwood floors to tile may cause someone to slip.
  • Floors mats: Many stores use floor mats at the entryways. If the mats aren’t secure, they may slide as people step onto them.
  • Bad weather: Rainwater that splashes into the entrance of a store can make floors wet. Customers can track water in or drip water onto the floors from a wet umbrella.
Can I Be Seriously Hurt if I Fall in a Bradenton Winn-Dixie?

The extent of injuries in a slip and fall accident depends mainly on the situation. Some people who slip and fall may experience nothing more than minor cuts, scrapes, and bruises.

But if you hit your head as you fell, your injuries may be severe. While a concussion may be minor and need only a few days to heal, severe damage can occur if you have torn tissues or bleeding in your brain. The jolt of the fall could fracture your skull or cause your brain to shift back and forth inside your head rapidly. Even when you seek immediate medical attention, these types of injuries could have a lasting impact on your ability to think and move.

People may also break bones, tear ligaments, or experience severe damage to their neck or back when they fall.

Bradenton Winn-Dixie Slip and Fall Accident Law Firm

The Wolfson Law Firm defends the rights of people injured in Winn-Dixie and other grocery store slip and fall accidents. Since 1963, our Bradenton personal injury attorneys work relentlessly to help injured victims recover the damages they need to try to make their lives whole again.

You can speak with a Bradenton personal injury attorney at no cost when you call us today. You can share your story, inquire about the process of filing a lawsuit, and find out what legal choices you have when you've been badly hurt. Should you choose to pursue a lawsuit, our Bradenton slip and fall law team will cover all aspects of your case. Legal fees are only paid when we settle your case. We take care of negotiating your settlement while you spend your time recovering.

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