Bradenton Restaurant and Bar Accidents

Restaurants and bars are popular places to celebrate life's accomplishments or just grab a meal with family and friends. You'll find a vast array of Bradenton restaurants and bars with specialty cuisines ranging from American, Mexican, Italian, and Chinese.

Whether grabbing a quick dinner or sitting down for a family-style meal, visiting a Bradenton restaurant or bar can pose risks. You may be hurt or become sick if the restaurant or bar doesn't exercise due care with their practices. If you've been badly hurt as a result, you may be able to receive compensation to pay for your injuries. Bradenton restaurant and bar accident victims can learn out more when they call the Wolfson Law Firm today at (239) 471-0714.

Bradenton Restaurant and Bar Accidents

With a population of 63,115 residents, the city of Bradenton is a popular place to raise a family or retire. The city has plenty of suburban neighborhoods, schools, parks, and places to shop and dine. Bradenton is a good place for fishing, boating, or taking a stroll by the beach for those who enjoy the outdoors. Experience something a little different in Bradenton when you browse the art galleries and specialty shops in the Village of the Arts, explore the DinoVenture exhibit at The Bishop Museum of Science and Nature, or take in the sunset at the Riverwalk.

Bradenton offers a variety of eating establishments throughout the city. Stop in at the Lucky Frog restaurant for German cuisine or visit the Tiramisu restaurant for an Italian dish. O’Bricks Pub and Martini Bar and Mattison’s Riverwalk Grille are popular places to grab a drink and a bite to eat.

People go to restaurants and bars to celebrate a special occasion, treat the family to dinner, or grab a quick bite to eat. No one goes in expecting to get hurt. But spilled drinks, tight walkways, undercooked food, and hot plates can cause people to get hurt.

The Bradenton restaurant or bar owner may be negligent if he does not keep his establishment safe for visitors. A Bradenton restaurant accident lawyer can help you determine if the owner has been negligent in his responsibilities.

Can I Recover Damages in a Bradenton Restaurant Accident?

If you are hurt due to negligence on behalf of the owner and your injuries are severe, you might be entitled to recover compensation for.

  • Medical bills for your emergency room and hospital visits, physical rehabilitation, prescriptions, transportation, and other related expenses.
  • Income lost if you can’t work because of your injuries
  • Future care that may be needed if your injuries are permanent
  • Reduction of your future earning potential due to life-altering injuries
  • Pain and suffering

When you had been badly hurt in an accident at a Bradenton restaurant or bar, you could receive damages for your medical treatment, hospital and doctor visits, physical rehabilitation, and future care. If you can't go to work because of your injuries, you might be reimbursed for income that you lost as you recover.

Speak to a Bradenton restaurant injury lawyer if you have questions or want to know if you have a case to recover damages. To speak to a Bradenton personal injury lawyer at the Wolfson Law Firm today, call (239) 471-0714.

Bradenton Restaurant and Bar Injury Accident Law Firm

For almost 60 years, the restaurant and bar accident attorneys at the Wolfson Law Firm have fought for the rights of people badly injured by car crashes, slip and falls, faulty products, medication errors, and other accidents that were not their fault. We help Bradenton accident victims recover the money needed to pay for their medical care and replace wages lost while they were getting better.

Reach out to the Wolfson Law Firm today if you were badly hurt in a Bradenton restaurant or bar and want to know what legal rights you have. You pay no fees for this consultation and, should you decide to pursue a claim, you won't pay for our service unless we settle your case. Contact the Wolfson Law Firm today for your free case consultation by calling (239) 471-0714 today.

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