Bradenton Personal Injury

Was your family badly hurt in a car accident? Were you injured when you slipped and fell at the mall? Did a loved one get hurt walking into your neighborhood restaurant? If your family has been impacted by injuries caused by an accident, you should speak with the best Bradenton personal injury lawyer you can reach out to.

What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

A personal injury attorney works with people to recover compensation when they’ve been badly hurt in an accident. Attorneys whose specialty is in personal injury cases can advise you of your rights when you are hurt and help you build a case if you choose to pursue a lawsuit. A personal injury lawyer takes care of the paperwork and phone calls on your behalf. They work to negotiate a settlement to cover your expenses. They can also defend your rights if your case goes to court.

The Bradenton personal injury attorneys at the Wolfson Law Firm handle a variety of cases on behalf of their clients. We offer help to people hurt in a variety of accidents, such as:

  • Bradenton car accident injury lawyer
  • Attorney for pedestrian injured when hit while crossing the street
  • Grocery store slip and fall accident injury lawyer in Bradenton
  • Bradenton lawyer for resident injured in a bicycle crash
  • Lawyer for family severely injured when a car runs a red light in Bradenton
  • Bradenton assault and battery personal injury attorney
  • Motorcyclist injured when hit by a car in Bradenton
  • Bradenton lawyer for victim hit by a driver texting while operating their vehicle
  • Injury from a defective product in Bradenton
  • Bradenton movie theater slip and fall injury
  • Medical malpractice attorney in Bradenton
  • Bradenton wrongful death personal injury attorney
  • Resident injured when hit by a car in a Bradenton parking lot
  • Bradenton lawyer for driver hit by a speeding car
  • Severe injury caused by falling merchandise in a warehouse store in Bradenton

If you have been injured in an accident, you may wonder if you can pursue damages. You might have questions about the process of filing a lawsuit or how to receive compensation. Learn what your options are by calling the Wolfson Law Firm at (239) 471-0714 for a free consultation.

Why Not Just Settle the Claim Myself?

When you get hurt, you may be contacted by the company's insurance company with a settlement offer. It might seem best to settle quickly and get this out of the way. But keep in mind that insurance companies want to limit what they have to payout. If you accept a quick settlement early on, you run the risk of not receiving enough money to pay for your treatment. So, if your injuries are more extensive or it takes longer for you to recover, you won't have the ability to receive anything further once you've settled. Plus, you may be able to recover damages for your pain and suffering, which may not be included in a settlement offer by an insurance company.

In other cases, the insurance company may try to wait you out. They could drag their feet or fight your claim. Unless you are well-versed in personal injury law, you may find that you end up with nothing or far less than you should.

Personal injury lawyers typically work to settle your claim directly with insurance companies rather than bring the case to court.

What Does Pain and Suffering Mean in a Personal Injury Case?

When you get hurt in an accident, some costs are easy to quantify, such as your medical bills, lost income, or property damage. But your injuries may expand beyond just physical ailments.

Based on the nature of your accident, you could be suffering from anxiety or trauma. Severe injuries may produce an immense amount of pain, which can interfere with your daily life.

When injuries interfere with your ability to make a living, there may be pain and suffering awarded. For example, a professional gymnast who can no longer perform or a career musician who can no longer play their instrument may suffer from this loss.

If you experience pain and suffering because of your injuries, you may be awarded compensation.

Bradenton Personal Injury Law Firm

When a severe injury caused by someone else’s negligence affects your family, you should call the Wolfson Law Firm for help. Our Bradenton personal injury lawyers are available to answer questions and listen to your side of the situation. We can let you know what legal remedies may be available to help you pay your medical bills and replace lost wages. A Bradenton personal injury attorney can help recover what you've lost and restore your life. Call us today at (239) 471-0714.

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"All I can say is WOW! I have never met such a professional law team. They are caring and put your needs above money. I guess to describe them is fair, kind, and professional. Don't be fooled by the other attorneys who only want your money. By far the best attorneys in Florida!" Marina B.
"I absolutely love this firm! It's personalized, you always have someone on the phone and you literally feel like family. They were always on top of my case and I felt supported the whole time my case was being settle. I got what I need it and what I deserved! Totally recommend them! They are the good attorneys for real!" Dora
"Wolfson & Leon took my case and did everything they said they were going to do followed up with me to let me know what was going on and were very professional and were able to win me a larger settlement then I anticipated. I give them five stars for excellent representation." Russ